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I, Me and Myself


  • Self Improvement I,me and myself

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  • PTM18

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  • 69

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  • Self Improvement
  • I,me and myself


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  • Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8


The concept of I, Me, Myself aims to increase student's awareness of their own self-concept with a view to identifying and freely express themselves. Students will begin to think about the characteristics that define them and later, judge themselves. A positive self-concept is important for psychological health. It is the perfect exercise to be empowered, gain clarity and congruence in their life. These are the perfect sheets. Fill them up and rate yourself using self star rating ( or the rating as mentioned in the sheets ). After 6 months, refill those sheets and compare them with the ratings you did earlier. In this way, you'll be able to know that where you are standing right now and how much efforts you have to put in to become a better kid.

Topic Includes

My Family Tree,My Country,Me & My Friends,My Weekly Schedule,My Classroom Rules,My Leadership Skill,My Communication Skill,My Time Management,My Behaviour,My Kindness,My Courage,My Emotion And Feeling,My Strengths,My Travelling,I Respect,I Compliment,My Measurement,Maths & Me,My Current Situation,My Mistakes,People Care About Me,My Wish For Santa,My Best Teacher,My Birthday Memories,My Holiday Memories,My Favorite grocery,Special Dates to celebrate,I love to wear,My teamwork skill,My Patience,My Gratitude,My Anger,My Happiest Moment,To do list,Reading book,My Last book Report,Science & me