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Math - Early Age Learning


  • Math Early Age Learning

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  • PTM24

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  • 68

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  • Math
  • Early Age Learning


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Preferred Grade

  • Kindergarten / UKG, Preschool / LKG


Math is important and it becomes more important when we introduce this skill to a child at his/ her very young age. Yes, that’s true because Math is a part of child’s everyday activities. Math is not just about numbers but it develops the sense of numbers, patterns, shapes, etc. It also gives a power to a child to think critically. According to some researchers, learning basic concepts about Math is the first vital skill that a child must develop at his/ her young age. A child’s Math knowledge at the start of Kindergarten is very essential and that’s why, we are here to deal with this situation. We are providing some worksheets related to the basic concepts of Math with the correct pattern for the kids of Kindergarten so that they can play with numbers, patterns and shapes. These worksheets will definitely help your child develop his/ her basic fundamental skills.