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English - Early Age Learning


  • English Early Age Learning

Sheet Code

  • PTM25

Total Pages

  • 67

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  • Yes


  • English
  • Early Age Learning


  • PDF

Preferred Grade

  • Kindergarten / UKG, Preschool / LKG


‘Lkg/Ukg/Kindergarten/Preschool English Workbook’ gives a purposeful exercise that will have interaction kids all through their tutorial session. Created with enjoyable and learning, this workbook consists of writing exercise things to do focusing on vocabulary and fluency skills. Perfect for children a long time 2-5, Lots of guided, vibrant snap shots, Best for constructing skills. Assesses kids’ special gaining knowledge of skills Great for studying in the lecture room or at home. This workbook is intently linked to the faculty curriculum. It will furnish children awesome writing exercise pages and make studying enjoyable and easy.