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4 excellent ways to help your child excel in grammar

Communication is the key to grasping any and every opportunity that comes our way. And language is the medium to communicate. As the third most widely spoken language in the world, English is used and taught in over 118 countries making it an international language of communication over multiple channels from print to TV media and the internet. Naturally, it’s vital that we are able to effectively communicate in this language.

As much as the concept of teaching in classrooms has conventionally proven to be effective, learning some of the technical aspects through a chalk and blackboard (or virtual displays today) or books about English grammar can get a little monotonous, especially for new-age kids. So, here are four ways to help your child excel in English grammar:-

books about english grammar

  • Spoken English

Practical knowledge is the best way to learn any skill. Speaking in English can do wonders to improve language skills. When talking to your children, they listen to your selection of words. Moreover, this also contributes to enhancing their responsiveness. Watching children’s appropriate shows, TV channels, audiobooks, etc. Encourage your children to speak English while talking to friends and others to build their confidence.

  • Reading Books

Among the hundreds of other benefits of reading, enhancing language, from grammar to vocabulary is high on the list. Books can be of any genre depending on your child’s age and interests, it may be a story book, comics, poetry etc. This also enhances their vocabulary, adding confidence to speaking and writing. 

  • Games

Games like ‘Tense tents’, ‘silly sentence maker’, ‘dictionary corner’, ‘Colored parts of speech’, ‘get the stickers out’ are just a few of the many examples of games that can be played with children to help them learn about consonants and vowels, tense rules, and also identifying rhyming words. These games are fun, interactive and very impactful.

  • Temsheets

To make this learning curve a little smoother for your kid, you should also try worksheets. Consider platforms like Temsheets that’s designed to offer children an online educational platform to discover new methods to practice, learn and acquire knowledge. It uses english worksheets for Class 1 and Class 2 as well as others in various subjects, to make the learning experience more interactive and fun. As a platform with experts and specialists on board, just enrolling your kids with them is a no-brainer as each worksheet is compiled with a lot of thought to a child’s needs and requirements.

Interactive learning is always the best way to understand something and that holds very true when it comes to enhancing a child’s English grammar skills. 

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